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Era Ogilvy Public Relations

Ogilvy Public Relations is currently the largest public relations company in Taiwan. Because many of their clients require up-to-the-minute information, Ogilvy’s translation cases are often urgent ones. Liitrans has been Ogilvy’s official translator since 2014.


This long-running collaboration got its start when Ogilvy had an urgent case on its hands, and Liitrans was recommended by a mutual client. Our product quality and quick turnaround led to Ogilvy appointing Liitrans Translation to handle its most urgent cases.


Liitrans currently works with seven different contacts from the various departments at Ogilvy Public Relations’ to ensure that Ogilvy’s clients receive constantly updated English language information.


In addition to ad hoc translation needs, Ogilvy requires timely translations of press releases on a near daily basis. Liitrans has arranged for a project manager as well as a backup to be on permanent standby for immediate translation and editing. The end result is an efficient process combined with a translation quality of the highest standard.