Through our mentorship program, employees at Liitrans receive one-on-one guidance and develop close professional and interpersonal relationships with their colleagues.


The Benefits of Translation Mentorship

In terms of translation-related work, mentors can be seen as “translation trainers” who support their mentees on a one-to-one basis and help them develop their skills as detailed below:


1. Review of the translation process

The translation mentors help review the work flow of their mentees, offering situation-specific advice and that allows mentees to improve their translations and develop their research and judgement skills. Mentees learn to utilize all types of resources and tools, and improve overall work strategies. This boosts the quality and efficiency of Liitrans services. 


2. Explanation and clarification

When a proofreader or editor has made changes to a translator’s work, appropriate feedback is of the first importance. A supportive mentor can effectively communicate to the translator just why the changes were made, allowing the mentee to understand the reasoning behind changes, avoid repeating mistakes, and continuously improve skills.  


3. Higher-level training

As mentees’ skills improve, their mentors begin to share views on other aspects of the business such as client considerations, consistency in terminology and formatting for large shared cases, principles governing different types of cases, and more. Eventually, the mentees find themselves able to take on a range of responsibilities and become mentors themselves.


One of the most important benefits of the mentorship system is that it promotes communication and helps cultivate relationships. This is especially important in a translation agency, which is necessarily a quiet place! Through working closely together, mentors and mentees develop the strong professional and interpersonal relationships which are the glue that unites the company.